The Millennium Premium windows and doors from Ferrell Building Products offer you comfort and energy savings by helping manage the heating system energy in your home and the sunlight’s energy.

Millennium Premium windows and doors


Winter Time Energy Savings

MILLENNIUM PREMIUM® glass products are coated with microscopically-thin translucent layers of silver sandwiched between layers of metal oxide coatings that are transparent and anti-reflective. The MILLENNIUM PREMIUM® Low-E coating prevents heat loss whenever the room-side that has radiant heat is reflected back into the building. For winter comfort, the cozier the temperature, the better it is for relaxation.

Millennium Premium windows and doors


All aluminum custom made thermal insulated windows & doors

Millennium Premium windows and doors


Wood & aluminum cladding durable custom made windows & doors


Solid wood classic custom made thermal windows & doors

MILLENNIUM PREMIUM® Windows are created for and marketed only through Ferrell Building Products and aren’t available anywhere else.

Using our many years of combined knowledge in the home-improvement industry; we hunted extensively for a way to develop a distinctive window that would truly meet the needs of homeowners. The result was a window that we believe to be among the most advanced windows that exist with the best performance on the market today.

Our MILLENNIUM PREMIUM® Window line is the best. The coatings on our glass products are almost undetectable to the eye just like looking through perfectly clear glass. The coat allows in almost all sunshine but not the harmful UV rays. Our windows do not require any special requirement for cleaning, because the coatings are permanently sealed inside the window unit. MILLENNIUM PREMIUM® Windows incorporate our innovative company formula designed specifically for Ferrell Building Products, which makes them certainly the best windows for homeowners. No other company has anything near the energy efficiency (Performance) ratings that our MILLENNIUM PREMIUM® Window line have. In reality, we could demonstrate to you that our MILLENNIUM PREMIUM® Windows are approximately TWICE as energy efficient as regular windows.

Breakthrough Design

  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Double Pane Low-E Glass
  • Triple Strength Tempered
  • Non-Glare
  • Ballistic-Resistant (Available)
  • Butyl Rubber Seal
  • Water Proof & UV Protection
  • Wear-Resistant Hardware
  • Standard Multi-Point Locking System
Millennium Premium windows and doors weatherproof windows

We’d love to further show you that our MILLENNIUM PREMIUM® Windows let only about 3 percent of the sun’s UV rays into your home. That means that 97% of the energy robbing and fading rays of the sun are kept out of your home. This result will vastly improve your energy savings. With this huge energy savings you can pay to replace your old windows with new MILLENNIUM PREMIUM® Windows. WE GUARANTEE IT! The sun’s energy is “SHORT WAVE RADIATION” which passes through the window and is absorbed by carpet, furniture, etc. The energy is then transformed into long wave radiation. The long wave radiation wants to flow from warm to cool. Obviously, it is going to attempt to escape out of the glass. At nighttime the luminous heats produced from furnaces, wood stoves, etc., will even wish to escape through the glazing. But our double pane system intercepts the heat with insulating glass which uses spacers (aluminum frame) mechanically formed into a one-piece spacer/ structural assistance that keeps the heat in and the cold out.